Qlik Sense and QlikView Track Agenda

One of the most satisfying aspects of Qlik® is that there are always new functions and applications to discover and master.  Masters Summit will open your eyes to the possibilities of the application and cement your existing skillset.

Choose the Qlik Sense & QlikView track designed for Qlik Developers creating applications using the out-of-the box clients: Qlik Sense Hub or the QlikView Desktop.

Orlando Florida, Nov 15-17, 2023

Our next U.S. event will be in Orlando, Florida. Here’s a breakdown of each day’s schedule:

  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
8:30 AM

Data Modeling

1:30 PM

Advanced Scripting

This session will teach you a multitude of techniques for rapid and accurate scripting. You will learn reusable, reliable approaches to building scripts and managing the overall “ETL” process. These scripting techniques are applicable to both QlikView® and Qlik Sense®. The exercises will be available in both QlikView® and Qlik Sense®.

Rob Wunderlich
Qlik® Technical Consultant and Trainer
8:30 AM

Set Analysis and Advanced Aggregation

1:30 PM

Effective Visualizations

This session focuses on visualizations – you will learn how to most effectively “tell the story” with charts and other dashboard objects. You’ll also learn about visualization best practices and why they matter. And how to avoid common pitfalls. The exercises can be performed using QlikView® or Qlik Sense®.

Bill Lay
Qlik® Consultant & Trainer
8:30 AM

Performance Tuning

1:30 PM

Qlik Sense Integration

Want to understand the possibilities of the web and the Qlik platform? This session will help you understand the basics of HTML and CSS and show you how to construct a basic web page with the help of the Bootstrap framework. You’ll then dive into the world of JavaScript, learn some of the fundamentals and see just how simple it is to start integrating with Qlik Sense®. After plugging in the Qlik Sense® Capability APIs you’ll have a fully functional, interactive web application and the inspiration to continue your journey into the world of web development.  

Nick Webster
Technical Director, Websy