Obfuscate Data With The AutoNumber Statement

Have you ever wanted to obfuscate or hide some data in your Qlik App?  Perhaps because you wanted to share a copy of the app outside your organization? Or demo to an audience that is not authorized to see details like employee or customer names? QlikView had a “Scramble Field” feature in Document Properties, Qlik

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Something to Get Confused About…

  I’d like to open this article with a true story that makes me chuckle every time I recall it… A few years ago, I was at Qonnections (ah, those good ol’ days when we could travel and meet with thousands of friends without worrying about social distancing…) That year at Qonnections, I had the

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Handling OR conditions in set analysis – boolean operators

I came across an interesting problem the other day that required me to rethink my usual approach to expressions. Setup My (fictitious) client sells coffee makers. As part of their post-sale customer care, they handle product issues in one of three ways: warranty claim for minor, fixable issues within the warranty life (typically 12 months)

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Does Field Order Matter?

When adding a new field to an existing Qlik LOAD statement, where in the field list should you insert the new field? What if I want to add: 1 as OrderCounter to this existing statement. Orders: LOAD OrderId, CustomerId, OrderDate, Sales FROM lib://mydata/sales.qvd (qvd); Should I insert at the top of the list?  Bottom, alphabetically or

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Welcome to the Masters Summit Blog

Like you, we miss attending live events and meeting up with industry colleagues.  We hope conditions will allow us to resume Masters Summit for Qlik events in Fall 2021. While each of the Qlik Masters team has their own blog, we decided to publish a group blog as as a way to stay in touch with

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