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One of the great strengths of Qlik is its simplicity and accessibility, and there is a lot of valuable material publicly available designed to get you up and running with the program. What is a lot harder to find is targeted tuition tailored for the intermediate and advanced level. Much of the support provided for more specialized problem solving comes from knowledge shared throughout the informal ‘Qlik community’ of online forums and blogs, and many users do not realize the vast potential of the platform.

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  • Motio Acquires QSDA Pro May 2, 2023
    I’m pleased to announce that I’ve joined forces with Motio, Inc, producers of the great DevOps tools Soterre and Gitoqlok. Motio has acquired my QSDA Pro product and I’m excited to combine our tools to provide a comprehensive platform for professional Qlik App development in Qlik Sense and Qlik SaaS. You can read the announcement […]
    Rob Wunderlich
  • Gitoqlok for Qlik Sense Version Control April 13, 2023
    Gitoqlok is a free chrome plugin that allows you to use a git repository such as GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, etc, to manage all the pieces of Qlik Sense app — Measures, Sheets, Charts, Load script and more. The plugin operates seamlessly within the Qlik Sense authoring experience to provide the power of fine grained […]
    Rob Wunderlich
  • Qlik App Performance Tuning — March 29 March 6, 2023
    My Masters Summit for Qlik colleague Oleg Troyansky will be presenting his always valuable “Performance Tuning” course on March 29 as part of our “Masters Summit at Home” online series. Oleg will do a deep dive into the causes and corrections for Qlik App performance issues. He’ll explain the why of good and bad performance […]
    Rob Wunderlich

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  • The QlikFix blog has moved to the Bitmetric blog February 28, 2023
    Hi there! As of February 28th 2023 we’ve moved all our blogging activities to our Bitmetric company blog ( Why? Because it just seemed more practical than running two separate blogs (also, it looks much nicer!). Check it out, we’ve already have more than 50 posts there, including our weekly Qlik certification test prep questions […]
    Barry Harmsen
  • Join us in Madrid at the Masters Summit for Qlik August 22, 2022
    The Masters Summit for Qlik is the premier advanced training event for Qlik Sense and QlikView. Since 2013 more than 1200 developers from all over the world have taken their Qlik skills to the next level at one of our events. After 2 years of online trainings, we’re glad to return to in-person events, starting in the […]
    Barry Harmsen
  • Webinar: Retail Analytics at IKEA May 24, 2022
    The growth of e-commerce during the pandemic Something completely different from our usual posts, on Thursday July 7th at 3 PM CET we’re organizing a webinar about Retail Analytics at IKEA: “The growth of e-commerce during the pandemic”. Discover how the Covid pandemic became a turning point and helped this global furniture company accelerate it’s e-commerce growth. Speakers Bert Ipema […]
    Bitmetric Admin

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  • Q-Tip #25 – Fields On The Fly (But Will They?) December 19, 2022
    Hello, and welcome back to the Q-Tips Blog! Our two wonderful Masters Summit events are over, and I’m back to share some of the new nuggets of cool stuff that I learned and discovered in my conversations with colleagues and with our students. What I love about our live Masters Summit events is the unique […]
    Oleg Troyansky
  • Q-Tip #24 – The ONLY Solution, or the Subtle Difference Between Simple and Advanced Search in Set Analysis October 26, 2022
    Like many of my discoveries, this article was inspired by a Qlik Community conversation that followed an old, but still brilliant blog post by Henric Cronström, which describes the “Expression Search”. In one of the comments, a curious guy named Daniel asked a question, which led all of us to this interesting realization. First, let’s […]
    Oleg Troyansky
  • Q-Tip #23 Outer Sets – To Set Or Not To Set? October 7, 2022
    I must be the last person on Earth to blog about Outer Sets, a new syntax in Qlik expressions that was added in recent editions of the tools. After two wonderful blog articles by HIC and Rob Wunderlich, what’s there to talk about? Let’s see if we can uncover some hidden treasures anyway. So, what […]
    Oleg Troyansky