Rob Wunderlich

Rob Wunderlich

Qlik® Technical Consultant and Trainer


Rob  Wunderlich is a leading Qlik® Technical Consultant and Trainer based in Northern California.  Rob has over thirty years of experience in the IT Industry, holding positions as a Software Developer, Manager, BI Consultant and IT Architect.

Rob has been working with Qlik® since 2006 – implementing the product, developing applications and providing training and support to developers.

Rob is also certified in Qlik® training and regularly teaches students at all levels of Qlik® experience and knowledge.

Rob is a Qik Luminary and longstanding MVP contributor to Qlik® Community. His well-respected advice has helped thousands of Qlik® Developers and Users.  Rob authors the popular Qlik Cookbook site used by Qlik® developers worldwide.

In 2012 Rob founded the open source Qlikview Components project to promote best practices and rapid development of Qlik® applications.

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Rob Wunderlich